Thursday, October 27, 2011

Club Mahindra fee structure explained

Note: This is at the 2011 Q3 prices, as was given to me.
For taking a RED studio membership, this would cost you Rs 389,855 /-
The RED membership means peak season membership. Studio membership means for 3 adults or 2 adults and 2 children.
There are four types of membership season classification:
  1. Purple
  2. Red
  3. White
  4. Blue
Coming back to the price, the pricing seem reasonable or so would it seem. 
But consider this, @10% returns, you could stash this amount safely and have Rs 38,985 /- to holiday every year without taking Club Mahindra holidays.
Wait that is not all.
You have to pay additional Rs 9681 /- per year as Annual Subscription fee. 
So in fact, if you had not taken Club Mahindra membership you would have extra Rs 48666/- to plan your holiday on your own . 
The advantage as such -
  1. You are not restricted to Club Mahindra resorts.
  2. You are not subject to availability of the Club Mahindra 
  3. You could even take holiday abroad where Club Mahindra has limited presence. (There is RCI option, but we will cover that as well, and see the economics of going there via Club Mahindra) 
  4. You could even choose not to take holiday, but indulge in acquisition or shopping fancy like a new gadget or something.
  5. At the end of it all you still have your principle Rs 3,89,855 / in hand.
Look at the pricing and don’t get swayed by what the Club Mahindra executive packages as mouth watering lollipop.
We will cover the EMI option which they offer and see where it leads or rather leaves you.


  1. Those who like the concept should buy membership in second sale .. it is available @ half the price.

    Want to Buy or Sell your Timeshare/ClubMahindra membership

  2. Dear Mr. Singh,

    We understand that our team members have been in touch with you to resolve your concerns. We are working on resolving the issues that have been highlighted, please do bear with us while one of our team members speak with you.


    Gopal VN
    Member Relations
    Club Mahindra

  3. Very true, Membership is VERY PRICEY, not worth going for. My experiences are at

  4. You are partially right. However,for that matter, any time share will start paying you only after 6-7 years of membership. Kindly calculate the room tariff after 7 years with the current inflation.their Rs 48,000 will not be sufficient for a decent holiday. I am a club Mahindra Member and critic of reservation policy and lack of transparency in allocation of studio/ BR. However they are undoubtedly the best in Time share.
    Gaurav Vasishth