Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Myth 2: Holiday now - Pay in EMI

In my gmail account I came across the following AdSense Ad.

   Holiday Now - Pay In EMI - ClubMahindra.com/Fun-Family-Forever - 
   Pay in Easy EMIs & get 25 yrs of membership. Sign up & Get LCD TV!

Catchy but misleading. Normally from a EMI option you get to understand that you take a product / service like TV home and then pay later. But here you would have paid much more than the actual cost of a holiday holiday before you can start enjoying it.

Consider this if you take holiday on Club Mahindra EMI plan for say White-Studio, you would make advance payment of Rs 27500/ upfront with EMIs of Rs 7014/- (approximately.

Then you will be entiltled to take holiday after 15 months, by which time you would have already paid-up : Rs 27500/- upfront  and Rs 105210/- as EMIs for a Grand Total of Rs 132710/- that is Rs 1.32 lacs .

So do not be fooled by the promise - Holiday now - Pay in EMI.

Now Club Mahindra is not wrong in charging this, it is how the Timeshare business model works. One should not entice people with wording which may not mean the same thing as the first party tries to make second party believe by mis-communication cues. That is not ethical marketing; that is mis-representation.


  1. Dear Mr. Singh,

    We understand that our team members have been in touch with you to resolve your concerns. We are working on resolving the issues that have been highlighted, please do bear with us while one of our team members speak with you.


    Gopal VN
    Member Relations
    Club Mahindra

  2. I would urge to mention if something is wrong in the post, so that it can be an honest representation.

    Also please do not spam each post on the blog. Meaningful contribution is always welcome.


  3. My unresolved issue has been lying pending for last about 10 years and requests for holidays have been denied. Now Gopal has promised to look into the matter but already almost 1 month has passed.
    Let's wait and see.

  4. Even I got duped by this, preparing for a long battle with Club Mahindra... more at http://shib4u.blogspot.com/2009/04/club-mahindra-review.html